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About GAEX

The Global Agricultural Exchange platform offers a consistent pricing and bulk sale solution for the inventory of cocoa sellers. We seek to eliminate common logistical cocoa failures by creating a one click end-to-end commodities solution. We believe bringing greater transparency to traders with respect to produce source and execution flow and ensuring farmers get a more equitable price for their life's work is a winning combination to creating a global sustainable soft commodities market.

We are a for profit business, with a social mandate—we are committed to creating a sustainable solution for our farmers and cooperatives. 



The Cacao Market

Growing Demand

Current annual market sales volume for cocoa is estimated at  8 million metric tons and growing—yet the annual cocoa output is only 4 million metric tons.

Increasing Deficit

Since 2005, the annual net deficit of cacao is approximately 300,000 metric tons and owing to trade issues, inaccurate forecast and a lack of transparency, this deficit continues to rise.

Cocoa farming should be a business and not a charity. 
... We are still far off from a sustainable cocoa sector. Cocoa farming should be a business and not a charity. it’s not about how much we give to farmers, it’s about how business-driven they become.
— Cathy Peters
, Mondelez


The GAEX innovative blockchain trading platform harnesses the power of the latest technology to eliminate the logistical cocoa failure by creating a one click end-to-end commodities solution. This creates auditable due-diligence documentation available in real-time via public & private blockchain ledgers.

Our mobile platform connects carefully curated cacao sellers, farmers and co-ops, with global buyers on exchanges to conduct secure transactions with greater speed and assurance.