Global Agricultural Exchange partners with AVA

Blockchain based GAEX platform looks to revolutionize African agricultural industry

New York, NY, August 2, 2017:The Global Agricultural Exchange or GAEX Pronounced guy-ex, ( is an innovative commodity trading platform that looks to harness the power of Blockchain technology. Working out of Abidjan and New York City, the fintech platform will focus on providing liquidity to farmers and to commodity buyers around the globe by providing an easy, transparent, digital solution to transact.

GAEX and Agence Pour La Valorisation de L’Agriculture(AVA) en Cote D’Ivoire join forces to sign up cooperatives and farmers across the country. Madame Jennifer Ceres is the CEO of AVA, the firm will assist GAEX in onboarding and training farmers to use all features and opportunities that arise on the GAEX Direct platform.

AVA and GAEX are in partnership to boost GEAX activities in Côte d’Ivoire to the benefit of Côte d’Ivoire farmers and their various cooperatives. In that vein, AVA will collaborate with GAEX to organize the 7th edition of the National Days for Agriculture Promotion (JNVA) to held from 27th to 30th September 2017 in Korhogo, north of Côte d’Ivoire. The National Days for Agriculture Promotion is a platform of the agriculture national and international stakeholders to celebrate farmers and discuss issues on agriculture promotion and sustainable development. GAEX and its partners are all invited to participate the 7th edition of National Days for Agricultural Promotion (JNVA 2017).

Due to its ability to provide an auditable ledger, Blockchain technology has the potential to create a more consistent and transparent real-time view of the agricultural industry in Africa.  Improved transparency is a key element in solving some of the significant problems in the agricultural industry in West Africa.  For example, it may enable a better forecast of the supply/demand of commodities and potentially provide data necessary to support investor confidence and attract foreign investment. GAEX believes the potential for Blockchain in Africa is massive, particularly as it relates to agriculture and other industries begging for the transparency that exists in the digital age. The private beta moves GAEX into a new phase as its sets its course to be a transformative player in the industry.

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The GAEX innovative blockchain trading platform harnesses the power of the latest technology to eliminate the logistical cocoa failure by creating a one-click end-to-end commodities solution. This creates auditable due-diligence documentation available in real-time via public & private blockchain ledgers. Our mobile platform connects carefully curated cacao sellers, farmers and co-ops, with global buyers on exchanges to conduct secure transactions with greater speed and assurance. For more information please visit or email .

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