Blockchain based GAEX Direct Trading Platform adds Ecostar Energy Inc

New York, NY, August 13, 2019:  The Global Agricultural Exchange or GAEX Pronounced guy-ex, ( is a startup innovative commodity trading platform that looks to harness the power of Blockchain technology. Working out of Abidjan and New York City, the fintech platform will focus on providing liquidity to farmers and to commodity buyers around the globe by providing an easy, transparent, digital solution to transact.

The GAEX team is happy to announce the first corporate brokered cotton contracts over the GAEX Direct Trading Platform with Ecostar Energy. GAEX will sell cotton from It’s Abidjan subsidiary to global buyers over the GAEX Direct Digital Blockchain network.           

“This is another exciting moment for GAEX as we are seeing more corporate partners signing up assist in optimizing their cash flows while mitigating a myriad of financial, operational, and logistical risk. Our team is truly in awe of the great responsibility we have been given to serve such a prestigious and innovative energy firm.” Neil Gordon, CEO of GAEX.

About Ecostar Energy Inc (

Ecostar Holding Incorporated is a Washington DC based Independent Power Producer (IPP) that develops, builds and operates power generation, transmission and distribution projects. We have been involved in the design and generation of more than 1275 MW of power across Sub-Saharan Africa; have participated in constructing over 700 km of Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission and distribution lines and associated substations since 2012. The most important aspect of developing large scale power projects the fact that every project is unique circumstances and unique designed solutions. Ecostar Energy’s proven capabilities are backed by a team of seasoned professionals that ensure that every plant is tailor-made to meet Africa’s complex energy challenges, using state-of-the-art technology, proven project management techniques and detailed quality control procedures to ensure the most reliable, economically sound and technically advanced solution.

About GAEX(

The GAEX innovative blockchain trading platform harnesses the power of the latest technology to eliminate the logistical cocoa failure by creating a one-click end-to-end commodities solution. This creates auditable due-diligence documentation available in real-time via public & private blockchain ledgers. Our mobile platform connects carefully farmers ,  co-ops, and corporations  with global buyers on exchanges to conduct secure transactions with greater speed and assurance. For more information please visit or email .